ESPN’s Molly Qerim Defends Dana White After Wife Altercation

ESPN commentator Molly Qerim is defending Dana White as a person following the viral footage of him getting physical with his wife.

White is in hot water after being caught on video slapping his wife during a nightclub argument. He and his wife were celebrating New Year’s Eve at a nightclub party when things became heated and turned from verbal to physical.

White and his wife have since apologized to one another and have both issued public statements on the incident. His wife claims that this was completely out of character for both of them, even during a night of heavy drinking.

While Qerim doesn’t condone White’s actions in getting physical with his wife, she took the time to defend his character after arguably the most embarrassing moment of his career.

Molly Qerim Defends Dana White’s Character After Viral Fight With Wife

During a recent segment of ESPN’s First Take (as re-shared by Twitter user Jed I. Goodman), Qerim weighed in on White and his wife’s recent incident.

“When you’re under the influence, not shining moments, often people don’t make the best decisions,” Qerim said of White. “In that sense, it’s a cautionary tale. In terms of it being an isolated incident, I’ve known Dana since I was 22, and I have the utmost respect for him.

“I don’t judge people by their worst moments…as a woman, his wife’s hands were also on him, and no one should put their hands on anyone. Male-to-female, or female-to-male.”

White has made multiple appearances on First Take over the years to promote the UFC. Since ESPN earned the broadcasting rights to the UFC, his appearances on the network have skyrocketed.

Qerim’s comments on White are similar to those of UFC light heavyweight Jamahal Hill, who disavowed all forms of violence, including women hitting men.

Qerim has weighed in on other domestic-violence sports news in the past, including incidents involving former NFL stars Ray Rice and Greg Hardy.

Many have questioned White’s character in light of recent news, although Qerim feels that attention needs to be put on this potentially being an isolated incident and not White as a person.

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