Nate Diaz Drops Expletives To Hype Up San Francisco 49ers Playoff Season

Whether it is MMA, boxing, or football, Nate Diaz never ceases to add hype to whatever he is involved in.

Fans of the younger Diaz brother have been waiting with bated breath to see what he will be doing next, since he fought out his UFC contract by scoring a submission over Tony Ferguson and choosing to not re-sign with the promotion. While several signs point to him fighting Jake Paul, perhaps in boxing and MMA, nothing concrete has been revealed about his next steps.

Nate Diaz Joins The 49ers

While MMA fans still eagerly await news about Nate Diaz, he is managing to find plenty of ways to keep himself busy. Although his most recent endeavor saw him trading a cage for a field, and glove for a football.

NFL team the San Francisco 49ers posted to Twitter recently, with a video package out together with the intention of hyping up their fans for their upcoming playoff season. To help them out, they tagged in Diaz for a cameo, leveraging the popularity that the Stockton native has in that region of the United States.

“Everybody’s a gangster until a gangster walks into the room. It seems simple because it is,” Diaz began, in a voiceover. “It’s easy to talk the talk until you’ve gotta back it up. Every team wants to be a bully, they want to play smash mouth. Until they get smacked in they mouth. Wanna be the best in the game? Gotta be the biggest, baddest motherfucker every time you take the field.”

This is certainly a nontraditional way to boost the hype behind your football, but it seems to be a good choice. Nate Diaz has an unconventional personality, and that seems to have been captured well here, with his trademarked bad boy demeanor being as perfectly captured as a 90-second scripted video can, and hyping up fans in the process.

Does Nate Diaz make you want to root for the San Francisco 49ers?