Oscar De La Hoya Reacts To Dana White’s Altercation With Wife

It’s safe to say that Oscar De La Hoya‘s relationship with UFC President Dana White is still far from repaired.

White and his wife were caught on camera having a physical altercation at a Cabo San Lucas nightclub on New Year’s Eve. He slapped his wife after she struck him amidst a drunken argument.

Many around the MMA community have weighed in on White and the fallout of the incident is just picking up steam. Fighters on the roster, including Jamahal Hill, have given their thoughts on who bears responsibility for the heated moment.

White and his wife have apologized to each other after their fight, and his wife has claimed that this is the first time he’s gotten physical with her.

De La Hoya has gone back and forth with White over the years over fighter pay and other topics. While they agreed to a truce after De La Hoya apologized for his role in the beef, things might be far from on the mend between them.

Oscar De La Hoya Takes Shots At Dana White After Viral Incident

In a recent tweet, De La Hoya used White’s recent fight with his wife to mock him.

“My good friend [Dana White] is so greedy he decided to steal fighter pay from his new league on TBS ‘Power Slap’ by getting fighter of the night against his WIFE,” De La Hoya tweeted. “Those Boston aerobic instructors are real tough guys.”

White hasn’t responded to De La Hoya’s tweet, but it won’t be surprising if he eventually hits back.

Tensions between White and De La Hoya seemed to begin when De La Hoya criticized the Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather booking. He called the fight bad for boxing, which caused a series of heated responses from White.

White has repeatedly called De La Hoya a “coke head” during their recent blowups. While he accepted De La Hoya’s apology, he promised the two would never be friends again.

After De La Hoya’s recent tweet, it appears that he’s embraced his potentially indefinite beef with the UFC headman.

What are your thoughts on the latest chapter of the Oscar De La Hoya / Dana White beef?

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