Sean O’Malley Weighs In On Dana White’s Viral Wife Fight

UFC bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley feels UFC President Dana White and his wife wouldn’t have hit each other had they been sober.

White is in hot water after being caught on video slapping his wife during a physical altercation on New Year’s Eve. He and his wife have since apologized to each other for the incident, an incident that has resulted in the uncertainty of his Power Slap League and other consequences.

The MMA community was shocked to learn of White’s altercation earlier this week. Many fighters, including Jamahal Hill, have weighed in on who bears responsibility for the fight.

O’Malley, one of the UFC’s biggest stars, has had a solid relationship with White since his promotional debut. Despite this, he feels what White did was wrong, but was also easily preventable.

Sean O’Malley On Dana White’s Slap: If He Was Sober, It Wouldn’t Have Happened

During a recent episode of the BROMALLEY podcast, O’Malley gave his thoughts on White’s altercation and the aftermath.

“He came out with this apology, which I watched, I feel like he said everything he needed to say,” O’Malley said of White. “But it seemed genuine. It’s hard with alcohol. There’s two things: the alcohol, and chicks, don’t mix. I feel bad for Dana. His wife slapped him, that is rude and it deserves a slapping back [LAUGHS].

“It’s a tricky one. Treat people how you want to be treated. Sober, would he ever have done that? No. I would assume sober, no drinks, she slaps him, I don’t think his immediate reaction is to slap back. When the alcohol’s flowing…I’ve done things that I can’t believe I’ve done…I don’t think it was right. Obviously, you shouldn’t hit, especially a little girl like that. It’s not right and they’re gonna lose a lot of business.”

White and UFC’s owners, Endeavor, have already seen financial repercussions after the fight with his wife. Endeavor’s shares dropped 6% earlier this week just hours after the video went viral.

White and his wife have claimed that this was the first time that the two have ever gotten physical with each other during their long relationship. However, during a 2011 interview, White’s mother alleged that he’s mistreated women for years, including his wife.

White hasn’t been punished for the incident but could potentially self-impose some sort of punishment in the coming weeks. The UFC returns on January 14th for a UFC Fight Night event, followed by UFC 283 later this month.

O’Malley feels White’s actions were wrong, but that domestic violence, regardless of gender, is unacceptable. As for White and his wife, the aftermath of their altercation is likely just beginning.

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