Sean O’Malley: ‘Francis Ngannou Needs To Be In The UFC’

Bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley believes there’s one place where heavyweight Francis Ngannou needs to be — the UFC.

Ngannou recently exited the MMA leader’s roster, with his departure concluding a lengthy period of uncertainty surrounding his future inside the Octagon. “The Predator” had been at odds with the promotion for over a year regarding what he branded as shortcomings in his contract.

With the UFC evidently not adjusting its stance to incorporate Ngannou’s demands, Dana White announced this past weekend that the Cameroon native has become an unrestricted free agent, with the heavyweight gold becoming vacant as a result.

Since confirmation of his decision to leave the UFC rather than alter his contractual requests, Ngannou has received widespread support from many fans and fighters. That includes ONE Championship’s heavyweight king, Arjan Bhullar. The Indo-Canadian fighter praised Ngannou for staying true to his “principles,” having gone through a similar situation himself.

But not everybody appears to be on board with the decision to head to pastures new.

O’Malley Reacts To Ngannou Exit: ‘UFC Is Where You Wanna Be”

As well as former champion Michael Bisping suggesting the situation was “mishandled” by Ngannou, the #1-ranked bantamweight contender has now insisted that the Octagon is where “The Predator” needs to be.

During a recent episode of the TimboSugarShow, Sean O’Malley was asked about Ngannou’s options moving forward. After naming the UFC as the clear leading choice for any fighter, “Sugar” suggested that the former heavyweight champion ‘needs’ to compete in the promotion if he’s to maximize his remuneration and viewership potential.

“UFC… That’s just where you wanna be, where you need to be,” O’Malley said. “If you wanna get paid the most (and) get the most eyeballs, UFC… Francis is the scariest motherf*cker in the world, and he is not gonna fight in the UFC?”

For Ngannou, though, it certainly doesn’t appear that the move to venture beyond where he’s called home since 2015 derives from financial motives.

As well as the man himself repeating that sentiment throughout his dispute with the UFC, instead labeling his desire to box as the main stalling point, Ngannou’s coach recently revealed as much whilst giving insight into the Cameroonian’s last meeting with the organization’s higher-ups.

What do you make of Sean O’Malley’s take on Francis Ngannou’s UFC departure?

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