Sean O’Malley Gives Jake Paul Advice Ahead Of MMA Debut

UFC bantamweight Sean O’Malley feels he knows what Jake Paul needs to do for a successful MMA debut later this year in the PFL.

Paul disrupted the MMA world when he announced his signing with the PFL earlier this week. He’ll make his MMA debut later this year and help launch the PFL’s ‘Super Fight’ division.

Paul, despite no experience in MMA, will compete in arguably the No. 2 MMA promotion in his first fight in the sport. While he has some experience with high school wrestling and professional boxing, the transition to MMA will arguably be his toughest challenge to date.

Paul is unbeaten in boxing and has already garnered a slew of potential opponents willing to meet him in the PFL SmartCage. This includes Anthony Pettis, a former UFC champion who appeared in last year’s PFL postseason.

As Paul gets ready to embark on this new combat sports journey, O’Malley has a bit of advice to possibly make his transition easier.

Sean O’Malley Feels Jake Paul Should Focus On Takedown Defense

During a recent episode of BROMALLEY, O’Malley advised Paul ahead of his MMA debut in the PFL.

“If he picks the right fights and literally just wrestle defense, I would even say don’t even train Jiu-Jitsu,” O’Malley said of Paul. “If you’ve got good takedown defense…he picked up boxing pretty quick. Some guys, just because they’re MMA fighters, doesn’t mean they’d whoop Jake. Jake’s got good boxing.

“Good takedown defense, learn how to check some kicks, that’d be important. If he fights a good wrestler they’ll take him down, but if he fights someone who’s like 6-3 who’s a kickboxer and doesn’t wrestle at all, there’s ways he can win.”

O’Malley has praised both of the Paul brothers in recent years. He called himself a “huge fan” of Jake, in particular, amidst his boxing success.

One possible MMA opponent for Paul is a rematch with Ben Askren. After the PFL signed Paul, Askren teased a possible return to fighting to run it back with the YouTuber-turned-fighter.

If Paul faces off with Askren in MMA, he’ll likely have to take O’Malley’s advice seriously and focus on takedown defense. O’Malley is one of the biggest stars in the sport and Paul would be wise to give him a listening ear.

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