Sean Strickland Challenges ‘Con Artist’ Dale Brown To $200,000 Fight In The Desert

Sean Strickland is already ready for a rematch with Detroit Urban Survival Training’s Dale Brown.

Strickland has made a name for himself as a top ranked middleweight in the UFC, with one of the most unique personalities the sport has ever seen. He has also gotten a reputation as being someone who is always down to face off against an internet troll, often embarrassing the significantly less skilled opposition.

Sean Strickland Challenges Dale Brown

Recently, Sean Strickland found himself in the crosshairs of controversial self-defense expert and trainer Dale Brown, who heads Detroit Urban Survival Training (D.U.S.T.). The two were seen in a video together, in which the UFC middleweight did not play along with the so-called techniques of Brown, leading to him crashing into shelves.

After this incident, Brown did an interview in which he said that things would go completely differently if they met up in the desert, with nobody but the two of them and a cameraman. This prompted a response from Strickland, who posted to Instagram to not only challenge Brown to a fight but offer a $200,000 prize if the D.U.S.T. instructor can beat him.

“Yo, Detroit Tactical, I just seen what you said, man. You said you would meet me in the desert. I will make you a deal. Next week, the following week, whenever you’re free. I will buy your plane ticket. I will put you in whatever hotel you want. I will go take $200,000 cash, and I will put it in the sand, and you can have that money, and all you gotta do is beat me,” Strickland said.

“Just say when, man. I promise you, we will do this whenever you want,” Strickland continued. “The thing is, dude, you’re a fraud, you’re a phony, you’re a con artist. You know you are, I know you are. If you want to man up, and show the world that maybe you’re legitimate, next week, the following week, plane ticket, hotel, transportation, $200,000 on the ground. That’s the easiest money you’ll ever fucking make. Let’s do it.”

This is a bold challenge from Sean Strickland, who seems genuinely interested in proving Dale Brown to be a fraud. Time will tell if Brown takes him up on this offer, but if past is prologue, you may not want to hold your breath.

How do you see a desert fight between Sean Strickland and Dale Brown playing out?

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