Tyson Fury Throws Down Challenge To Free Agent Francis Ngannou

Not only is Tyson Fury interested in fighting Francis Ngannou, but he is kicking the stakes up a notch.

There was a lot of steam behind the idea of a fight between Fury and Ngannou following the then-UFC heavyweight champion’s win over Cyril Gane, with Ngannou announcing his desires to box. However, as the months ticked away with Ngannou waiting out the sunset clause in his UFC contract, there was a sense that the momentum behind this fight seemed to be waning, at least in the eyes of “The Gypsy King.”

Tyson Fury Wants Francis Ngannou

With talks of Tyson Fury fighting Oleksandr Usyk, it seemed that he was no longer interested in fighting Francis Ngannou. However, “The Gypsy King” recently made it clear that this was not the case at all and that he is still interested in fighting the former UFC champ.

Speaking in an interview with Seconds Out, Fury addressed the fact that Ngannou is no longer with the UFC, inviting him to a fight. However, he made the offer spicier by suggesting some mixed rules to the contest and having none other than Mike Tyson be the referee.

“Francis Ngannou, I know you’re out of contract with the UFC. You want to earn some big boy money, come see the Gypsy King, and let’s do a big, big fight for the baddest MF on the planet,” Fury said. “Let’s kick it up spicy. In a cage, 4oz gloves, under Queensbury, and let’s have a badass referee like ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson.”

This is a bold callout from Tyson Fury, offering to potentially level the playing field against Francis Ngannou by all but eliminating corners and having the contest take place in small gloves. It will be exciting to see if this fight can come together under these rules and if Mike Tyson is able to be the referee.

How do you see a fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou playing out under these rules?

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