The Wild World of Fighting: Alien MMA, Charles Oliveira, and More (1/7/23)

Hello again, and welcome back to The Wild World of Fighting, a series so courteous that it would never let its New Year’s resolution cause it to needlessly overcrowd the gym.


Congratulations soldier, you have made it to the final week of the UFC break, despite how hectic the Wild World of Fighting has been during the time away. To reward yourself, kick back and enjoy some bizarre and fun highlights featuring the likes of the last MMA event of 2022, an ankle locking nightmare involving Charlie Olives, and more.

Close Encounters of the Caged Kind

The skill level of MMA fighters frim China has been growing at a brake neck pace, with the likes of two-time strawweight champ Weili Zhang being among the best examples. In fact, what was arguably the greatest moment in the history of the sport, happened at a Chinese MMA event earlier this year.

This event featured a bout between two TikTokers, Taitin and Zhizhu Gongyin. However, what made this bout so incredible was not the skill of the combatants involved, but their attire, with Gongyin specifically donning and inflatable alien costume that you need to see to believe.

Unfortunately, the video ends when the round does, not showing the ending and who won the contest. That said, it only takes one look at this video to determine that the real winner here, was the fans.

RIZIN Ending the Year With a Bang

While the UFC’s calendar year ended before Christmas, other promotions still had shows to put on, with the biggest year-end bash being a crossover event between Bellator and RIZIN, taking place on New Year’s Eve. Although Bellator would sweep the competition in the fights, RIZIN still had a chance to let their unique and flashy style shine.

One of the most viral moments to come from the card was easily the insane walkout from former Bellator bantamweight champ Juan Archuleta, posted to Twitter by RIZIN themselves.

Dressed to the nines in what appears to be traditional Aztec clothing, he put on a show for the fans, taking the opportunity for a flashy walkout that is not usually available in stateside MMA events, and delivering one of the most memorable walks in recent memory.

Another notable moment came from someone in the corner of fighter, rather than the fighter themselves. In fact, the fighters had to intervene when middle fingers turned into shoving.

The one difficult part for American fans wanting watch the Bellator vs RIZIN card, was getting up early enough to catch the action live from Japan. However, if you managed to do just that, then you are deserving of a reward, such as a Rizin branded vape pen to get you feeling right for fight night (in the morning).

How Tall is John Dodson??

There was one hilarious misstep that occured at Bellator vs RIZIN, centered around former UFC flyweight title challenger John Dodson. The constantly cheery fighter is known for being short and stocky in stature, with lightning-fast hands and an endless gas tank.

Somewhere along the line, perhaps through a misstep in translating from imperial to metric measurements, information got mixed up regarding the height of Dodson. Instead of correctly labeling him as being 5’6, the broadcast saw Dodson listed at a whopping 6’2″, leading to hilarious mental images of what that would actually mean for him to be that tall at flyweight.

The Herb Dean Highlight Reel You Never Knew You Needed

One of the most common of the uncommon trivia facts that the annoying person tries to tell you on fight night, is the fact that legendary MMA referee Herb Dean also has a history of competing in MMA. In fact, he wound up retiring with a pro record of 2-3, with his last contest being at Cage Rage in 2007.

Someone decided that what the world needed was an edit, combining an intense, hands-on stoppage from Dean’s reffing career, with some similar moves shown in his MMA career. The resulting video was honestly way cooler than it had any right being.

Ankles of Steel (No, Really)

With heel hooks and ankle locks being among the most dangerous submissions to find yourself in, some have said that the best defense is to never find yourself in a position to have your ankle snatched. That may be true, but it also seems that another viable defensive technique is to simply not have an ankle at all.

Our final stop in this week’s WWOF sees former lightweight champion Charles Oliveira trying to apply a heel hook a man who could not look any calmer in a lawn chair. His demeanor made a lot more sense when Charlie Olives lifted the man’s pant leg to reveal that he was trying to manipulate a fake leg the whole time.

There is never a boring week in the Wild World of Fighting, and 2023 is already bringing some heat with it. Stay tuned for more insane moments as the weeks unfold.

Was there a wild moment that we missed from this week’s WWOF?