The Wild World of Fighting: Conor McGregor’s Twitter, The New Nate Diaz, And More (1/14/23)

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Hello and welcome once again, to the Wild World of Fighting, the weekly segment so dicey, it keeps Brendan Schaub up at night.

This week was a doozy in the Wild World of Fighting, with Nate Diaz like you’ve never seen before, Conor McGregor getting caught in 4K, and more. So get ready, as we take a look at what the fighting world has to offer.

Ciryl Diaz or Nate Gane?

Our first stop in this week’s WWOF sees us checking in with former interim heavyweight champion Ciryl Gane. The French striking dynamo is known for generally being a laid-back person outside of the cage, but he recently put some high-quality humor on display.

Video began circulating on social media of Gane doing his best impression of the one and only Nate Diaz, while donning a beanie. To tell the truth, this was actually a pretty decent rendition, especially coming from someone who is not a native English speaker, with Gane doing justice to Nate’s iconic speech patterns.

Do a Barrel Roll!

If you have not had the pleasure of attending a local MMA event live, first of all, you should probably fix that. Secondly, and more relevant to today’s discussion, you may not be aware of just how bizarre regional MMA can get at times.

The latest example of this came from Muradov Professional League 7, held in Uzbekistan, and featuring the ironically named Khamzat “Borz” Chapanov in the main event. However, it was an undercard bout that the King of regional MMA, Caposa posted to Twitter, which saw one combatant defend against a takedown attempt by rolling over his opponent, in a move that looks better fit for a Step Up movie than cagefighting.

Users in the comments rightfully pointed out the similarities between this and something you would see in a match on EA UFC. Either way, what an entertaining and athletic way to stay standing.

Cage Fight At 9, Wedding At 10

Don’t you hate when you overbook your schedule, and you are left to cut corners or multitask in inconvenient ways, in order to still accomplish everything you set out to do in your day? Well, that seems to be precisely the situation that the subject of our next video found himself in.

This video showcases an MMA fight in the rare style of 2-on-1, which is already wild enough. Yet, despite the circumstances, the man who was fighting solo was doing so dressed in fancy clothing, strapped with a tie and vest, looking quite dapper.

It is unclear whether this gentleman was pulled from the crowd where he left his date behind, or if he had to attend a church service after the fight. However, regardless of how he was dressed, he was definitely handling business, soccer kicks and all.

Matt Brown Would Be Proud

As a general rule, it is never a good idea to put yourself in a position to get into a street fight. Time and again, evidence has shown itself that, no matter how smart or skilled you are, things can always go in an unexpected direction.

To see more proof of this, look no further than this street fight video that sees one man trying to talk to the other during a high tense moment, while getting very close to the man he is having a disagreement with. While the first guy was trying to speak, the second fella took the opportunity to throw a sucker hellbow to his dome, scoring a knockout reminiscent of the one Matt Brown scored over Diego Sanchez.

Conor McGregor Caught In 4K

This week’s WWOF will end with a conversation about the use of burner accounts on social media. There are many reasons why a person would create a secondary, anonymous account on a social platform, ranging anywhere from a need to protect one’s identity, to not wanting the general public to know about a specific interest you have, or even just to talk trash about people with no repercussions.

This brings us to Conor McGregor, who has been known to his own personal social media to go on rants and tangents, perhaps fueled by substances, but always appearing to be genuine to himself. Unfortunately, it was always his personal Twitter account, which was used to like a rather unexpected video.

If you check his likes now, there will be no sign of the video in question. However, that did not stop several people from grabbing screenshots and recordings of the video he liked, which was adult in nature.

Warning this is NSFW.

Unsurprisingly, it was not long before people were trolling McGregor for this slip up. Tons of reactions flooded in, all speculating about the moment of realization he must have had, when it was discovered what happened, with even Anthony “Pretty Boy” Taylor getting in on the jokes.

Ultimately, Conor McGregor is free to enjoy whatever he wants on this front. That said, he may want to double-check which profile he is using next time.

With that, we conclude this week’s edition of the Wild World of Fighting. Until then, keep your secret likes secret, and always keep your guard up.

Did we miss anything on this week’s Wild World of Fighting?

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