The Wild World of Fighting: Kamaru Usman, Leon Edwards, “I Eat A**”, & More (1/21/23)

It’s that time once again, as we welcome you back into the Wild World of Fighting, a weekly segment that slaps harder than both high-level sports executives, and their new leagues.


This week has seen a wide range of action inside the Wild World of Fighting, as the UFC gears up for the first PPV of the year. So get ready, as today we will be taking a look at a fighter who gets a little personal with their nickname, Leon Edwards sharing with Kamaru Usman, and more.

Karma Executed With A (Finger) Gun

The UFC kicked off 2023 with a Fight Night that featured Nassourdine Imavov vs Sean Strickland in the main event. However, this card also featured a bout between understand fighters Javid Basharat and Mateus Mendonca, which had a bit of bad blood, as Mendonca put a finger gun in the face of Basharat at weigh-ins.

In the end though, Basharat would be the one to keep his undefeated record, by scoring a decisive win over Mendonca. The Arab prospect seemed quite confident in his win too, before the scores were read, as he returned the finger gun to the head of his opponent when the final bell rang.

This was an impressive win from Javid Basharat, to say the least. He certainly appears to be a prospect worth watching in the future.

When the Belt Doesn’t Really Change Hands

Being a graphic designer is a hard job, especially for a multi-billion-dollar sports organization like the UFC. When a fighter wins a belt on Saturday, they have to update photos, often by the following week, in order to show the new champion holding the belt, all while maintaining the style of the photos on the UFC’s website.

Naturally, this can lead to some ingenious workarounds to achieve the end result needed, often going unnoticed by most users. However, this was not the case recently, as Shakiel Mahjouri noted on Twitter recently that it appears the photos for Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards both feature the same arm holding the belt.

Users were quick to point out that it is likely the graphic designers for the UFC have a collection of assets thet use, featuring arms of a variety of complexions holding the belt. However, this was still a funny moment to catch in action.

USADA Has Crappy Timing

The United States Doping Agency (USADA) has been known to push the personal boundaries of fighters, in the name of drug testing athletes. That said, things recently got a bit too close when USADA paid a visit to UFC lightweight Matt Frevola.

According to a post to his Twitter, Frevola had provided a urine sample to USADA, only for it to get knocked over, meaning he had to provide another sample. However, the person running the test could not let Frevola out of their sight, which meant that they got to have front row seats to “Steam Rolla” going number two.

Between this and the USADA rep who had to watch Tim Kennedy shower, some people may get the wrong idea about what USADA is actually trying to accomplish here. But don’t worry though David, we at MMA News know that you would never have an ulterior motive.

UFC Takes Over Brazil

In positive news, the UFC is returning to Brazil for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, with UFC 283. Not only does this card feature a vast array of Brazilian fighters, but it is headlined by Glover Teixeira looking to reclaim his light heavyweight title, in his home country, against Jamahal Hill.

The UFC has had deep connections with Brazil from its inception, and with this return, the promotion had a unique opportunity to show their appreciation. The world famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro was draped in a UFC belt, with some of the country’s MMA legends posing in front of the incredible attraction.

Conor McGregor Trading Card Loses Stock

Full disclosure, the bonehead who is writing this genuinely thought that the world of MMA trading cards was largely non-existent, despite efforts to revitalize interest in the medium. Sure, you might see packs of cards for sale in stores, but by all accounts, UFC NFTs were a more lucrative offering.

This may or may not be true as a whole, but there is clearly some sort of a market for Conor McGregor trading cards. What may be a shock is the fact that one such card, featuring the Irishman in his champ-champ accomplishing performance against Eddie Alvarez, recently sold for $33,600.

On the surface, this seems like a massive price tag for a trading card that features an MMA fighter, but as it turns out, this was actually a major loss in value. Someone commented on this post to point out the fact that this very card had once set the record for the most expensive UFC card ever sold, but has seriously dropped from the $73,800 price tag that it sold for almost a year ago.

Bruce Buffer’s Arch Nemesis

Over the years, the Veteran Voice of the Octagon, Bruce Buffer has proven himself to have impeccable skill as the announcer for the UFC. No matter how complex the name is, or what region of the world the fight hails from, the Buff rarely slips up, and is sure to fire up a crowd.

With that in mind, we may have found the one name Buffer may not be able to say, at least with a straight face. Meet Kasey Dale, a pro MMA fighter who likes to go by the nickname “I Eat Ass,” a moniker that he seemingly got tattooed on his chest before competing.

To drive home his point, he had some ink added to his back as well. In gigantic letters, Dale’s back reads “Joe Rogan Eats Ass”

via Instagram @dale.kasey

Mixed martial arts sure knows how to bring interesting characters into the fold. In a perfect world, Kasey Dale will find himself in the UFC one day, where he will be able to confirm these claims and face the truth, one way or another.

That wraps up this week’s edition of the Wild World of Fighting. Come back next week, where we may or may not have less feces-related stories to tell. Man, what a wild sport.

Do you think Kasey Dale is right about Joe Rogan’s extracurricular activities?

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