7 Takeaways From UFC 241

Nate Diaz
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Daniel Cormier’s Retirement Not Imminent

Daniel Cormier
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Leading up to UFC 241, Cormier was hinting at making it his last fight. However, as a life-long competitor going out on a loss is probably not how Cormier wants to end his career. Their first fight, Cormier made short work of Miocic and while this one made it seem like Cormier was doing the long-form finish, in round four Miocic hurt Cormier with a body shot that lead to the end of the fight. If Cormier has one more in him, the trilogy bout with Miocic would make just as much sense as doing one with Jon Jones.

Time Is A Flat Circle For Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz
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Three years may as well have been three days for Diaz’s return as not only did he look better against Anthony Pettis, but he pulled off a win in dominating fashion. While he had chances to finish Pettis on the ground, he seemed content to wear Pettis out for three rounds. He even managed to check a few leg kicks in his return which shows he’s still working on improving as a fighter. Diaz is honest about his intentions in MMA, which is not titles, but money fights which leads into the next takeaway from UFC 241.

Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal Is The New Money Fight Motherf**ckers

If Diaz and Masvidal are willing to co-main event a future pay-per-view, why not put two of the most gangster figures in MMA against one another. The build-up to it could be fun but not as fun as seeing these two fighters do what they clearly love doing. It is a fight that has already sold itself as soon as Diaz called Masvidal out.

Mid-round Corner Interviews Are Awkward

Image via UFC on ESPN broadcast

Megan Olivi does a fine job with her backstage interviews but asking her to do interviews with corners between rounds looks uncomfortable for her and the cornermen. Even if they are not, clearly the cornermen are focused on the fight at hand and probably prefer to focus on coaching strategy. There’s not enough time for good questions and answers when there’s a fight going on.

Forward Always Forward

Yoel Romero Paulo Costa
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Yoel Romero’s loss to Costa got booed when the decision was announced. While the fight won “Fight of the Night” accolades, Romero’s performance was praised in his loss for still being able to inflict damage at 42 years-old. However, the backing up against the fence is likely what cost him the fight, if he’s walking backward it makes it seem like he is doing because Costa is moving forward. It’s safer but it does not win the judges over.

Patience Is A Virtue For Stipe Miocic

Stipe Miocic
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Miocic wanted the title shot soon after he lost the first time. The fight that never happened with Brock Lesnar made sense for Cormier to prepare for but when that fell through the former champion could not be denied. If Cormier wants to go “best two out of three,” hopefully, Miocic will oblige him.

Conor McGregor Is Not Necessary

Conor McGregor
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The only thing fans heard from McGregor leading up to UFC 241 was the news of him striking a man at a bar. It was from an incident in April, but as far as fight news goes he seems to be waiting for something big enough to lure him back. While he waits, the fighters that want to fight will be continuing to evolve and keep MMA moving. The New York Times called Nate Diaz the anti-hero the UFC needs and he challenged another anti-hero in Masvidal.  The UFC moves on with or without McGregor.

What did you take away from UFC 241?

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