Aaron Pico: Dillon Danis Cannot Be Mentioned In The Same Sentence As Me

Aaron Pico
Image Credit: Dave Mandel of Sherdog.com

Following his successful debut and outspoken nature, Dillon Danis is painting a target on his back. Danis has been talking plenty of smack before and since his debut bout.

The BJJ specialist dusted off his first challenge in 90 seconds at Bellator 198. following the bout, Danis took aim at the roster. His continual trash talk has seen reactions crop up from the likes of Michael Chandler and Al Iaquinta. The most recent to respond to Danis, however, is Aaron Pico.

Pico recently spoke with FanSided, where he reacted to Danis’ debut and attitude. Pico feels that whilst Danis is a sublime grappler, he hasn’t done enough to warrant his arrogance. He feels the main reason that Danis has that attitude is down to his association with Conor McGregor.

“I didn’t watch it live but I did see that he got that leg lock,” said Pico of Danis’ performance. “I think that – yeah, he can think what he wants.” Pico Said. “I think that a lot of the attention that he’s gotten is because he’s on Conor McGregor’s nuts and I think a lot of people will say that I’m right. On the ground, absolutely. I’m sure he’s very, very good. As far as being an overall fighter, we haven’t seen it yet. But hey, I wish him nothing but the best, but a lot of his attention has come from Conor McGregor.”

Pico and Danis both made their debuts under the banner of Bellator. Pico is a former amateur wrestler who narrowly missed out on Olympic selection. He is also a former junior Golden Gloves champion national champion having won the title in 2009. Danis is widely considered to be one of the best grapplers around having won numerous BJJ world championships. Whilst Pico fell short in his debut, losing via submission to Zach Freeman in 24 seconds, he has since put in back-to-back stoppage wins.

Like I said, he can think what he thinks but when but when he gets into some big fights, we’ll have to see,” Pico said. “He fought a guy that’s 2-4. Fight a guy with a winning record and we’ll see. Put your money where your mouth is. Me? I fight guys with winning records, guys that are older than me, tougher challenges. When he fights guys with winning records, then we can have that discussion. Other than that, he can’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as me.”

Danis responded to Pico on Twitter:

With Danis currently competing at welterweight and Pico at featherweight, it is unlikely the two will be squaring off in the cage. Pico will be in action against Lee Morrison this coming weekend at Bellator 199.

Who would you favor, Aaron Pico or Dillon Danis?