Al Iaquinta Believes The UFC is on ‘a Little Bit of a Power Trip’

Al Iaquinta
Image Credit: Getty Images

Al Iaquinta’s relationship with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is an interesting one.

Iaquinta was last seen competing back in April. After being away from the sport for two years, “Raging” knocked out Diego Sanchez in the first round. He didn’t receive a “Performance of The Night” bonus. Back in May, it was revealed that Iaquinta was banned from getting bonus checks.

“Raging” hasn’t been shy in criticizing the UFC for low pay and how they handle fighter injuries. Speaking to Flo Combat, Iaquinta continued to speak his mind:

“To not get a bonus because someone with the UFC came out and did an interview that I am ineligible to win bonuses, suspended from winning bonuses…really, what did I do? Who knows where it started, whether it was my fault or whether it was their fault or whether it was a little bit of both, but it’s kind of like we’re just butting heads, and they’re not the kind of people that are going to give into little old Al from freakin’ Long Island. They’re definitely a little bit of a power trip, and they’re going to stick it to me. Whatever. I don’t care. I’m not going to cry and beg like the rest of these guys.”