Al Iaquinta on Becoming Champion: ‘If it Comes it Comes’

Al Iaquinta
Image via UFC's YouTube channel

Al Iaquinta isn’t exactly salivating at the thought of becoming a champion like he once was.

Iaquinta was last seen in action back in April. After two years of inactivity, “Raging” returned and knocked out Diego Sanchez in the first round. He’s now recovering from a torn PCL and a sprained MCL.

During a recent appearance on‘s “The MMA Hour,” Iaquinta said his life is balanced:

“My life is like the most structured and organized. I made more money selling real estate when I had a fight coming up. My diet, everything is good. When I have a fight coming up, I’m like on point. So I get a good schedule, regimen and like nothing matters except for that day when I’m about to fight. Everything works out.”

He went on to say that winning a championship doesn’t mean as much to him as it once was.

“I did picture myself as being the champion now. I never really cared about anything in life. It was like once I get the champion thing, everything is gonna work out. Now I gotta kind of be like, I gotta work on some things and if it comes, it comes.”