Al Iaquinta on Tony Ferguson: ‘No One Likes You, Go Away’


Al Iaquinta isn’t fond of Tony Ferguson at the moment.

Iaquinta is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov in the main event of UFC 223. If Iaquinta would’ve emerged victorious, then he’d be the “recognized” UFC lightweight champion. Instead, Nurmagomedov earned a dominant unanimous decision win.

The issue between Iaquinta and Ferguson lies in a tweet “El Cucuy” posted. Ferguson said he wasn’t impressed with Nurmagomedov beating a “non-full time real estate (agent) ranked 11th.” Iaquinta didn’t take kindly to Ferguson’s comments and called him a weirdo. The two continued to trade barbs on Twitter.

During a recent appearance on Submission Radio, “Raging” blasted Ferguson (via

“Who cares about that guy He’s really just good at fighting and that’s it. If it wasn’t for fighting, he’d be like a worthless person. There’s no point to Tony Ferguson besides people beating his ass. He gets dropped every fight and he’s out of his mind. People like watching get his ass kicked and come back and win. That’s the only thing that Tony Ferguson is good at in the world. No one likes his personality, he’s a weird dude. Like, I don’t even know what’s the point in that guy? There’s no point. Just go away. You tripped on a wire and I got the title shot, now you’re gonna come at me? I’ve fought with worse injuries than that, guaranteed, in my career. You get to fight week, you’re fighting. You don’t pull out of a fight during fight week. Don’t come after me cause I took advantage of a situation that he couldn’t capitalize on. How many fights in a row has he won? 10 fights? And he still hasn’t fought for a title? Like, there’s a reason for that. No one likes you. Go away.”

Ferguson was scheduled to take on Nurmagomedov at UFC 223. “El Cucuy” suffered a torn LCL and required surgery. Max Holloway ended up replacing him, but was deemed medically unfit to compete during his weight cut. When the New York State Athletic Commission refused to allow Paul Felder to be a replacement due to rankings discrepancy, Iaquinta was called upon.

UFC 223 took place on April 7 inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. The main card aired live on pay-per-view. Despite all the last minute changes, the event still broke the record for largest gate at any sporting event held inside the venue.

What do you make of the beef between Al Iaquinta and Tony Ferguson?