Alexander Volkov Emerges As Title Contender With Vicious Knockout Of Fabricio Werdum – UFC London

Alexander Volkov UFC Fight Night 115
Image Credit: Per Haljestam of USA TODAY Sports

The main event of UFC 127 will be main evented by former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum and Alexander Volkov. Since suffering a Majority Decision loss to Alistair Overeem back in July, “Vai Cavalo” has racked up two-straight wins inside the cage. Volkov has been quite the force since making his UFC debut in November of 2016, continuing his win streak and having yet to lose inside the Octagon. Volkov is on a five-fight win streak and a win over Werdum would certainly put him in the title hunt. Here’s how the fight went down:

Round 1:

Werdum starts things off by teasing the jumping kick but doesn’t throw. Immediately Werdum gets the takedown and has Volkov on his back. Full guard for Volkov but Werdum is throwing down ground-and-pound. Werdum stacks Volkov to drop some ground-and-pound but goes back down into full guard. Werdum stands again to drop down a few shots, but goes back into full guard. Volkov is still throwing shots off his back as well. Volkov gets to his feet and is now unloading on Werdum with striking.

Some nice shots are landing for the Russian. Werdum lands a jab and trips Werdum after catching a kick. He trips him again after catching a flying knee. Werdum gets a takedown in the center of the mat and is again in Volkov’s full guard. Werdum throws down ground-and-pound to end the round.

Round 2:

Werdum throws a leg kick and has a high kick blocked. Volkov checks a leg kick, and checks another. Werdum goes for a takedown but it’s stuffed. Werdum now presses Volkov against the cage but he shrugs him off. Another failed takedown attempt from Werdum. Volkov catches a kick and pushes Werdum down before allowing him back up. Now Werdum gets the takedown and is trying to advance out of half guard, but ends up in full guard instead. A couple of good elbows land for Werdum but Volkv is defending as well as he can. A cut has opened up on Volkov’s head now after one of those elbows. The round comes to an end.

Round 3:

Another jumping kick attempt to start the round from Werdum but it misses. Some strikes land for Volkov and Werdum shoots in on a takedown, a scramble ensues and Werdum is taken down by Volkov who lets Werdum stand. Werdum’s face is badly damaged with swelling and blood. A nice hook lands for Volkov and he follows up with a body kick. A spinning elbow is blocked by Volkov and Werdum lands a jab and missis a takedown. Werdum then beautifully takes the back and goes for an armbar, but Volkov escapes nicely. Now Volkov comes inside with an uppercut that break’s Werdum’s guard. Volkov catches a kick and pushes Werdum down to end the round.

Round 4:

A nice combination lands for Volkov and Werdum tries to take the leg  and work his way to the back, but Volkov ends up in top position in Werdum’s guard. After dropping a few shots Volkov stands up. Volkov puts together a hard combination and knocks Werdum out. The fight is over.

Official Result: Alexander Volkov def. Fabricio Werdum via R4 KO (punches, 1:38)