Andre Fili Recaps Win Over Myles Jury & Says He’s Open To A Future In Pro Wrestling

Andre Fili didn’t have any doubt about his hand getting raised this time.

Coming off back-to-back split decisions – a win against Dennis Bermudez and a loss against Michael Johnson – Fili put on one of the best performances of his career in a unanimous decision victory over Myles Jury at UFC on ESPN 1. One of the benefits the Team Alpha Male product had heading into the matchup was two of his teammates, Rick Glenn and Chad Mendes had already fought Jury. It was just another factor capping off what he describes as one of the best camps of his career.

“I mean regardless of who you’re fighting, having teammates like that will help for sure.” Fili explained to MMA News. “Especially because they’ve already been in the cage with them. Chad had some good insight, there were lessons to be learned from that fight. There were many more lessons to be learned in my option from his fight with [my teammate] Rick Glenn. That gave us a good look of what to prepare for and I just felt great about this fight. I felt good about the win I felt great going into it. I prepared so well for it. I’m training physically and I’m also training mentally, I’m getting better every day. I was going to win this fight and there was no other option”

Fili (19-6) has now won three of his last four fights and is entering in the prime of his career at 28-years of age. With that said, Fili is aware how deep the division is and looks to keep the momentum going.

“From now I got to win every fight from here on out. It’s time to start making noise, climbing the ranks and get that belt man. I’ve been doing this for a while and it’s time to get my f**ing props. [I want to return] sooner for sure. I’m trying to get four in this year. I want to be in the cage every two-three months. Stay healthy. That’s part of the reason I’m not eating bad and letting my weight ballooning up. I felt really good this fight, I felt strong. Keep the gains going and just staying ready.”

The California native likes to do his talking in the cage and isn’t one to call out his next opponent. When asked about who he’ll square off with next, Fili responded with former WWE star Stone Cold Steve Austin. A pro-wrestling fan growing up, Fili says he’d leave the door open to a potential crossover once his MMA career is over.

“The media just pressured me about the next fight, like they wanted me to call someone out so bad.” Fili explained. “That’s cool but sometimes it’s corny to me the way people go about it. I just didn’t want to any corny s**t. So I called out Stone Cold in “Hell In A Cell”, “Losers Leave Town” match. Pro-Wrestling is just like fighting, they tell the best stories. I got to make it important. When Stone Cold and I square off in the square circle it will actually mean something. Man I love pro-wrestling, I’m not super into it now I just don’t watch it as much. Pro-wrestling is the reason I’m a fighter today. I’m not sure I have the legs for 9 pro-wrestling’] I’d have to get some leg gains. I’d love to get some pro-wrestling fights in once I win this title.