Former UFC Title Contender Anthony Johnson Hit With Restraining Order

Anthony Johnson
Image Credit: Getty Images

A Florida woman has filed a restraining order against Anthony Johnson.

Johnson was involved in a “casual” relationship with a woman which has ended with a temporary restraining order against “Rumble.” The woman’s attorney, Robyn Barrett, told that the restraining order was filed as there was “an immediate present danger of dating violence.” Johnson must avoid contact with the woman until Feb. 6, 2020

Anthony Johnson’s Attorney Responds

Johnson’s attorney, Scott B. Saul, gave MMA Junkie the other side of the story:

“He’s saying I’m going to go get my gun, and her interpretation was (the message was) aimed at her. His position was somebody on social media was stalking him, and he was saying it in reference to the person bothering him and not her. That’s his position, and also I believe he may have posted a picture of her performing something intimate on him. But it all had to do with social media postings.”

Saul also claimed that there was never any threat to the woman’s safety:

“There were no findings of fact, nobody testified, and there was no ruling. It was just the parties saying, listen, these people barely know each other – what do we need to litigate? Let’s just revisit this in one year, and if there’s not a problem, you don’t need an injunction because there’s no imminent threat to anybody.”

Johnson has been accused of domestic violence in the past. He pleaded no-contest to a domestic violence charge back in 2009 where a woman claimed Johnson entered her home and slammed her to the ground. Another woman accused Johnson of knocking out two of her teeth in 2012. The UFC temporarily suspended Johnson over the claim. Then there’s an ex-girlfriend who accused Johnson of leaving her with bruises and scratches after lifting her off a chair in a taekwondo studio. She claimed Johnson didn’t leave until police arrived. Most of the women ended up dropping their charge against Johnson, who has denied these claims.