Anthony Johnson Wants Over $1 Million For Jon Jones Fight

Anthony Johnson Jon Jones
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Anthony Johnson says if he’s expected to make his return against Jon Jones, he needs to get paid.

Johnson has been teasing a comeback, but only in the heavyweight division. “Rumble” retired after losing to Daniel Cormier a second time in their rematch back in April 2017. Since that time, Johnson has been involved in the marijuana business. Johnson certainly hasn’t been resting on his laurels as he’s kept himself in ridiculous shape.

‘Rumble’ Johnson Wants Big Payday For Return Bout

Johnson appeared on “Sammy and The Punk,” which is co-hosted by former UFC lightweight Josh Thomson. “Rumble” said that he needs a big check to be enticed to return for a Jon Jones bout (via

“Jon and I were supposed to fight four years ago. If a fight that was supposed to happen four years ago is still a hot topic, that’s not some half a million dollar payday. That’s worthy of every penny you deserve to fight somebody. I’m not gonna say a number right now. Put it like this. It’s more than a million — plus pay-per-view buys.”

Johnson and Jones were supposed to collide back in May 2015. Jones ended up being arrested for a hit-and-run incident and was stripped of the UFC light heavyweight championship. Since that time, many have been wondering how Johnson vs. Jones would’ve played out.

Do you think we’ll ever get to see Anthony Johnson vs. Jon Jones?


  1. Some of the elite boxers and fighters in the world weren’t muscle bound. Jones would be too allusive. . And I dont like Jones. He( Rumble ) acts like more weight is making him a better fighter. Not always the case my man…..

  2. rumble is gonna need a million just to fight all those restaining orders he gets! acts like mr nice guy in public but he;s a chick beater! maybe he should give that action up just like he did when he folded under cormier!

  3. he will gas in the 1st round, give up then go home and beat his girlfriend again! he should smoke that weed he sells and get off the steroids! he was a chick beater b4 the roids!

  4. No way because he hasn’t even been training MMA since he retired. Jones would finish him within 2 rounds. This ship has sailed.


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