Anthony Pettis Open To Conor McGregor Showdown In July

Anthony Pettis Conor McGregor

Throw in Anthony Pettis’ name for the Conor McGregor sweepstakes.

Last night (March 24), Pettis made the move up to welterweight to take on Stephen Thompson. The bout headlined UFC Nashville. In the second round, Pettis nailed “Wonderboy” with a superman punch that put him to sleep.

Pettis Responds To McGregor’s Call For An Opponent

Pettis joined McGregor and Kenny Florian as the only fighters to win a bout in the featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight divisions under the UFC banner. McGregor took to Twitter to congratulate Pettis and asked who is next for him:

“Welcome to the club and congratulations. Now who f*cking wants it?”

Speaking to reporters, Pettis said he’d be happy to meet McGregor next (via Damon Martin):

“Let’s do it. 170, 155, I’m not cutting to [featherweight] again, I’m with it. That’s a fight I think the fans would love to see again, too. Two strikers like that. It would be amazing.”

Pettis went on to note that his ideal return period is in July for “International Fight Week.” McGregor is in talks to compete that month.

Does Anthony Pettis vs. Conor McGregor hold your interest?