Bobby Lashley Says He Knows Of More Pro Wrestlers Who Are Going To Transition Into MMA

During a recent radio appearance, part-time pro wrestler and part-time MMA fighter Bobby Lashley noted that he knows of more pro wrestlers who are expected to transition into the MMA world.

“Well it’s one of those things where you can’t do half-assed,” Lashley said of being one of the few who does pro wrestling and MMA simultaneously. “Either you gotta just go in full board and get it, or you gotta stay out. So I know some of the guys that are big fans, they do some Jiu Jitsu, they may hit the mitts and stuff like that, but they know what kind of dedication it needs, and some of the guys are still kind of questioning it right now.”

Lashley goes on to specifically mention that he knows of some well-known WWE and TNA Wrestling stars who are planning on jumping ship to the UFC or Bellator to try their hand at legitimate MMA fighting.

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