Bobby Lashley Talks About His Bellator MMA Debut This Friday

Current TNA World Heavyweight Champion and part-time MMA fighter Bobby Lashley recently spoke with the folks at MMA Report to promote his MMA return and Bellator debut this Friday at Bellator 123 in Connecticut.

During the discussion, Lashley spoke about his deal with the second biggest MMA promotion in North America.

Below is an excerpt.

“I’m signed right now for a handful of fights [with Bellator], and that was before Coker even came on. And now that Coker came on, we’ll probably end up doing those fights fairly quickly and renewing it. I don’t have too much time left in the game, but while I’m here I want to make a big impact. I don’t think the amount of fights that I signed for is going to give me an opportunity to do everything that I want to do, so I’m going to blaze through those fights quickly — maybe every other month if I can stay healthy — then hopefully I can sign on for more and really make a big statement, as I have my last run.”

You can check out the complete interview at

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