Brendan Schaub Believes UFC 244 Stoppage Was Best-Case Scenario For Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz
Image Credit: Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Nate Diaz was not happy with his UFC 244 main event ending due to two cuts above and below his eye. Yet, according to Brendan Schaub, he says it was the best-case scenario for the Stockton, California native.

“The doctor’s stoppage for Nate Diaz was [the] best-case scenario,” Schaub said on his Below The Belt podcast (via “[It] was the very best-case scenario if you’re a Nate Diaz fan, which I am. I’m also a huge Masvidal fan. But if you’re watching this and take out your biases for Nate Diaz, who has an insane fan base and Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz wasn’t that competitive in this fight. I had two rounds 10-8, I thought Jorge Masvidal was setting it up for the fourth and fifth rounds with the body shots to actually take him out. I think he probably would’ve finished Nate in the fourth or fifth.”

Why so many people were mad is the fact Diaz is known as a guy who brings it on in the fourth and fifth rounds. Yet, Schaub believes the fight would have continued to go Masvidal’s way.

“I know the popular opinion goes, ‘man that’s such a shame they stopped it cause in the fourth or fifth that’s when Nate gets going,’” Schaub continued. “Sometimes, sometimes but in this fight, there was really no sign that he was gonna take over at any instance. There was never a time where you’re like, ‘man he’s successful with this.’ He had a little success with some of the boxing. When it went down to the ground, caught him in that heel hook, really no danger there. But Masvidal was landing some big shots.”