Brendan Schaub Believes The UFC is Interested in Signing Logan Paul

Logan Paul
Image Credit: Reuters

Brendan Schaub believes Logan Paul has sparked interest from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

This past Saturday night (Aug. 25), a boxing event headlined by two popular YouTube personalities took place. KSI and Logan Paul fought to a draw after six rounds of action. The event drew a crowd of almost 20,000 fans inside Manchester Arena according to The Times.

Brendan Schaub Believes The UFC is Interested in Signing Logan Paul

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub talked about the event during a recent edition of his “Below the Belt” podcast on Showtime. Schaub believes the UFC is interested in signing Paul (via

“Again, you’re going down a tricky road because someone in the UFC offices is watching going, ‘That Logan Paul looked pretty good. How much does he weigh?’ You’re bats**t crazy if you don’t think in the UFC office this morning someone went, ‘We’re just spit-balling ideas here, did anyone see the Logan Paul fight? He didn’t look terrible! What numbers did they do? Better than any card we’ve had this year. Should we sign him?’ I guarantee there’s a spark interest of signing Logan Paul to the UFC.”

Schaub went on to rip the UFC for their promotion of fighters and said that Logan Paul and KSI are better at promoting fights. Schaub and the UFC have had their issues, particularly when UFC president Dana White is involved. Not too long ago, the two got into an ugly verbal exchange where White claimed Schaub wouldn’t be anywhere without Joe Rogan. Schaub fired back saying White was leeching off the Fertitta brothers and even accused White of sleeping with Ronda Rousey.

Do you think there’s any way the UFC is interested in signing Logan Paul?