Brock Lesnar was on His Way Back to UFC Before Jon Jones’ Failed Test – Brendan Schaub


Fans who were anticipating a heavyweight matchup between Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar may be excused from looking away now

It seems that fight was a lot closer to happening than many had initially thought.

Jones’ latest scandal involving a failed test conducted by USADA will likely see him suspended for a long time. At the conclusion of his light heavyweight title-winning bout against Daniel Cormier at UFC 214, Jones had called out WWE superstar Lesnar for a money-spinning bout inside the octagon.

According to Brendan Schaub and Lesnar’s friend Mike Goldberg, Lesnar was planning a return to the UFC:

“If [Brock Lesnar] wants to return, I think he does, I think he does. I think it may be in his plans. Although, yeah, a month ago [it was more likely]. [Jon Jones’ testing positive threw a wrench into it]. Yeah, a huge wrench into it, because if it ain’t Jon, there’s nobody big enough. Nobody, there’s nobody there for him to fight. Conor [McGregor], that’s it, and I only say Conor because he opened his mouth about all the WWE guys.” Goldberg said on The Fighter and The Kid Podcast.  

According to Schaub, Goldberg insisted that Lesnar’s return was only a matter of time:

“You know Goldberg the wrestler? He’s best friends with Brock [Lesnar] and I said, do you think Brock’s gonna’ come back? He said, ‘He was going to, before Jon [Jones] pissed hot.’ I said, you’re breaking my heart. Don’t that f*ck your Saturday up? That’ll f*ck your Saturday up. How crazy is that? He was going to. We were gonna’ see that monster again.”