Bruce Buffer Compares Oscars Screw up to His Own UFC 205 Mistake

Warren Beatty is currently enjoying the infamy of messing up the announcement of the winner at last night’s Oscars, but UFC’s Bruce Buffer feels his pain.

Buffer had incorrectly announced Tyron Woodley as the victor over Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson following their majority draw at UFC 205 to a packed Madison Square Garden on pay-per-view (PPV) TV.

The UFC’s master of ceremonies adjusted the decision following the mistake, much to the momentary confusion of fighters and fans. While mistakes such as the one made by Buffer are few and far between, he does see a correlation between his own “faux-pas” and that of the veteran actor Beattie.

As one of the most recognisable voices in sports, and with a craft developed over a number of years much like his legendary brother Michael Buffer, the octagon announcer has a few tips to offer Beattie and the Oscars organziers for the future.

Watch the full clip courtesy of TMZ Sports above.