CEO Jeff Aronson Talks Titan FC 44 & Dealing With Rumors While he Was Ill (Exclusive)

Jeff Aronson
Image via Jeff Aronson's Twitter account

Jeff Aronson has put together many Titan FC cards, but he says the one on May 19 is one of his favorites.

Titan FC 44 will take place inside the Pembroke Pines City Center in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The event is set to air live on UFC Fight Pass at 7 p.m. ET. Aronson, who is Titan FC’s CEO, told‘s Tim Thompson that the May 19 card is one he’s proud to have put together:

“Preparation’s been going great. It’s an absolutely great card. The venue is incredible. We’ve been searching for a venue like this for a long time. We finally made the deal happen. The blueprint to this card is a perfect Titan card. Meaning we have the vets on there, we have the incredible up and coming talent and this is one of my favorite Titan cards that we’ve put together so far.”

For Aronson, 2016 was a stellar year. After being sick in 2015, many wondered what the future would hold for Titan FC. Aronson didn’t have the doubts that others had.

“It was an incredible year and the end of 2015 was nothing more than sensationalized journalism. People get sick, I got sick. I got sick and it happened really quick. We didn’t have an opportunity to switch things around and it was too close to the event. We did the right thing and we did exactly what we told people we were gonna do. That was put on incredible events and keep going forward.”

While dealing with his illness, Aronson said he was more bothered that rumors were circulating the Internet claiming Titan FC was in bad shape.

“More than anything I was just annoyed because you hear these things. People were making up just complete and utter rumors. I mean there were stories that couldn’t have been further from the truth. It was crazy and then those same people want to interview you six months later. I’ll never do an interview with some of them. And some of them were from major organizations. I’ll allow (them) to interview my fighters, but I’ll never do an interview with them. I had done numerous interviews with them in the past and had a great relationship with them. They decided that at that moment they were gonna take a shot and do something ridiculous.”

You can listen to the full interview below: