Chael Sonnen Responds To Daniel Cormier’s Statement After UFC 241

Daniel Cormier
Image Credit: Getty Images

Daniel Cormier apologized after his UFC 241 loss and Chael Sonnen says it wasn’t needed.

Cormier stepped inside the Octagon at UFC 241 in hopes of successfully defending his heavyweight title a second time. To do so, he needed to defeat Stipe Miocic again. Cormier holds a knockout victory over the Cleveland native, but Miocic got his revenge via fourth-round TKO.

Sonnen Discusses Cormier’s Apology

Sonnen posted a new video on his YouTube channel and went over Cormier’s post-fight statement.

“Daniel Cormier came out with an apology,” Sonnen said. “Guys, let me tell you what I saw. I saw a champion of sport, a leader within his field, go out [and] put it all on the line in his new home state of California in front of all of his family and friends. I saw him winning a fight against the greatest heavyweight to have ever done it and I saw him get knocked out. He then offered an apology and I will tell you it seemed like a very broad apology. It was put on the Internet, I think it was just to all of us.”

Sonnen made it clear that he doesn’t feel Cormier needed to deliver an apology.

“I will tell you I don’t accept it. I would hope that none of you would accept it for the simple reason that it never needed to be issued. In fact you don’t owe us an apology ‘DC,’ we owe you a ‘thank you.’ And we owe you a pat on the back for doing a great job and setting a great example and for trying your hardest.”