Chris Weidman: One Wrong Shot Led To Yoel Romero Loss

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman appeared well on his way to a victory over Yoel Romero earlier this month at UFC 205.

And just like that, Weidman was on the ground and left with a stunning loss.

Romero, who is expected to challenge for the title next year, landed a flying knee as Weidman missed on a shot attempt. The former wrestling standout discussed the fight with “The MMA Hour” recently.

“I just felt like there’s no way I’m losing. If I win this third round, it’s over,” Weidman said (thanks to MMA Fighting for the quotes). “And I shot a takedown. If you watch, if you’re a technical person in the MMA game, when you fight a southpaw, you always put your head to the side of his front leg. You never go to the back leg. And every one of my takedowns I hit on him in the fight was to his front leg, my head to the outside of his front leg, which stays away from the danger of a knee or a heavy left hand. And the one time I shot to the wrong side, which I drilled a million times not to do, he came up with that knee.

“I thought I was on my way to winning the fight, and one mistake is all it takes, and that’s the beauty of this game. That’s why everybody loves to tune in and watch these fights, because at any given moment, any given fight, any given fighters, anything can happen. A fighter could win nine out of 10 times, but there’s always that one time. I’m not saying that’s me and Yoel, but it’s just, that’s what makes this sport beautiful.”

Weidman has now lost two straight, as he was also finished by Luke Rockhold for the title earlier this year.