Chuck Liddell Calls Out Tito Ortiz “One Last Time”


It’s 2018 and Chuck Liddell is still trying to get a fight with Tito Ortiz.

The 48-year-old Liddell last fought in 2010 when he was famously knocked out by Rich Franklin at UFC 115. A lot has changed for the sport and promotion since then, however. Not long after WME-IMG purchased the company, Liddell’s cushy no-show job was gone. The role had been given to him by UFC President Dana White as an incentive to retire.

Now, 8 years later, with his retirement incentive removed, Liddell has been busy trying to get Tito Ortiz back in the cage with him for one more fight.

Chuck Liddell Calls Out Tito Ortiz….Again

Liddell appeared on Mike Swick’s “Real Quick With Mike Swick” recently and once again called out his longtime rival.

“Tito’s mouthing off again but that’s Tito,” Liddell said to Swick. “He mouths off and he doesn’t usually follow through. If we can talk him into following through fighting, I might be fighting him.”

Ortiz mentioned he was interested in a fight with Liddell back in February but would later change his tune and is now saying he feels comfortable in retirement.

“(Tito) is still the same guy, still the same fighter, still fights the same. I’m going to hit him and he’s not going to like it.” – Chuck Liddell

If a fight with Ortiz can’t be made, Liddell has other projects he is working on, however.

Chuck Liddell Karate Combat

Last week, it was announced that Bas Rutten and Chuck Liddell both had signed with Karate Combat as ambassadors. The new promotion looks to take full-contact Karate fighting into the mainstream.

“I love Karate, and I think it is incredible that we fighters now have Karate Combat to showcase our best full contact skills,” Liddell was quoted as saying in the company’s press release. “I wish this was around when I was coming up in the Karate world!”

The next Karate Combat event is Karate Combat: Inception, April 26th from Miami.

“I am super stoked to be part of Karate Combat,” Rutten was quoted as saying in the same release. “The interest and enthusiasm in just the first week is huge–with fighters from all over the world lining up to join. The production values and the care taken to develop rules that both honor and advance the sport are incredible.”


  1. Scott Coker, make it happen! Anyone who says they wouldn’t get invested in the feud in a nostalgic way and would watch the fight with excitement isn’t being honest!

  2. Chuck probably still has his power, and his timing might be 95%, and maybe his cardio could be 85-90% of his prime, but his chin will probably never be relaible again.

    every time a person gets knocked out, the brain damage makes it easier to knock them out in the future.


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