Coach Says Jon Jones Is “Scared” Someone Might Spike His Food

Jon Jones

Jon Jones’ past issues with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) have shaken him a bit. It seems like the former 205-pound champion now fears to eat out. Jones doesn’t want someone who isn’t a fan of his to potentially spike his food.

Jones failed a drug test following his 2017 third-round knockout victory over Daniel Cormier. “Bones” was stripped of the light heavyweight title he had won, which was returned back to “DC.” USADA eventually handed Jones a 15-month suspension retroactive to when the failed sample was collected.

Jones Fears Eating Out

This means Jones is eligible to return to Octagon action on October 28th. Jones’ coach, Mike Winkeljohn, spoke on the matter during an interview with Submission Radio. He said Jones fears eating out, as the possibility that someone could spike his food or drink lingers:

“Well, I think they should have made a deal a long time ago. When you actually look deep, you forget about all the things that people said and you actually look at the ruling the UFC had and what their words were that they used and when they say the amount of the substance was so small that there was absolutely no way that that could have been used as performance enhancer.

“When you actually have a look at the words that they said, I’m actually surprised he had as long as a suspension as he had. But people just have a tendency just to go, ‘oh, he just did steroids,’ and they did jump on it. And before that it was a Cialis and they think ‘that’s steroids’.

“So, I have to defend Jon on that. There’s no doubt something got in there somehow, but it’s scary now. Jon’s even scared to eat out, he’s scared to be anywhere. He’s like, gosh, what if that waiter doesn’t like me, the bus boy doesn’t like me? You know? Who knows what’s going to happen out there.

“And it is kind of scary that way if you think about it. When I read the words that they said how there was absolutely no way that it could’ve have been used as a performance enhancement type situation, I thought, well why is he even suspended? It doesn’t even make sense to me.”

What do you make of Jones’ fears of eating out?