Cody Garbrandt Offers Simple Response To T.J. Dillashaw’s Positive Drug Test

Cody Garbrandt T.J. Dillashaw
Image Credit: Getty Images

Cody Garbrandt has responded to T.J. Dillashaw’s suspension and he didn’t even have to use words.

It’s no secret that Garbrandt and Dillashaw have had some bad blood over the years. The two were once teammates at Team Alpha Male, but Garbrandt felt betrayed when Dillashaw moved to Elevation Fight Team. “No Love” posted sparring footage of him dropping Dillashaw, accused him of ending Chris Holdsworth’s career, and even grabbed his throat during their time as “Ultimate Fighter” coaches.

Cody Garbrandt Responds To T.J. Dillashaw’s Suspension

In the past, Garbrandt has thrown steroid accusations Dillashaw’s way. Here’s what he said in the lead-up to their first encounter back in 2017:

“Mentally weak? But (Dillashaw) is the one that needed to take PEDS to be a champion? You are a (expletive) joke! Going off performances alone (Dillashaw) went from knocking people out pre-USADA, post-USADA he hasn’t even knocked anyone on their ass in 2016.”

Now that Dillashaw has failed a drug test and is no longer the UFC bantamweight champion, Garbrandt had a simple response on Twitter:

For those who don’t understand the emoji, it’s a reference to a meme where Kermit The Frog is sipping tea saying, “but that’s none of my business.” Garbrandt is basically telling people, “I told you so.” Garbrandt suffered knockout losses in both of his bouts to Dillashaw.

Dillashaw still has to answer to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) as his suspension was handed down by the New York State Athletic Commission. Stick with MMA News for the latest updates on Dillashaw.