Cody Stamann Is In No Rush to Become UFC Champion

Cody Stamann
Image Credit: WhoDoYouKnowTV

Cody Stamann is in no rush to become the UFC champion, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t expect to eventually see a title shot.

At 29 years old, Cody Stamann finds himself ranked as the 10th best fighter in the UFC’s bantamweight division. That’s quite a feat before hitting 30. And while he, as expected of fighters, wants to become world champion, he is of the belief that time is still very much on his side:

“For me, I feel like I’m still really young in the UFC,” Stamann told MMA Fighting. “Everyone talks about, wow, I’m one or two fights away from a title shot, I still only have five fights. I feel like there’s more that I need to do. I think that I’m more like three or four wins away from a title shot. There’s a pecking order and I haven’t punched that ticket yet. I haven’t been noticed on the mainstream of MMA for bantamweights yet and I think it’s just about me chipping away at it.”

That steady journey to the top for Cody Stamann is making progress, with a UFC record of 4-1 and an overall record of 18-2, Stamann has every reason to be confident in his career progression. Most recently, Stamann defeated Alejandro Perez at UFC 235. And for his next contest, Stamann offered some names of potential opponents:

“My next fight, I would like to fight a guy like Ricky Simon or Thomas Almeida, one of these guys 10-15 and then after that I would like to go after a No. 5 guy, I would like to go beat a contender. And then I think I’m still one more fight away from the title.”

Do you believe Cody Stamann will ever receive a UFC title shot?