Colby Covington Explains the Nature of his Ongoing Beef with Matt Serra

Colby Covington

When Colby Covington fired shots at former UFC welterweight champion and newly appointed Hall of Fame fighter Matt Serra, heads were turned.

Serra went viral last week for taking down an inebriated and obnoxious man in a restaurant. When Covington launched a series of heated tweets at the New Yorker following the circulation of the video, it seemed a little out of the blue.

Never one to shy away from having his say, Covington told BJPENN.COM Radio where his beef with Serra originated:

“The dislike for Serra comes from, he’s been trying to downgrade me my whole career,” Covington said. “The last couple fights, [he was] picking against me to win. Saying all this stupid stuff, but he’s been looking for my attention for a while Jason. He goes on his little podcast, he’s like, ‘Oh, if I ever see Colby in person I’ll slap him in the face.’

“So he’s got my attention now,” Covington continued. “I didn’t give him my attention before, but he’s got my attention now. The thing is, is that Matt Serra is gonna need a step stool to talk to me eye-to-eye. You see how tall he is, he’s like a little midget. And not only that, he’s lost three of his last four fights. He’s 11-7. He’s a joke man. All he does is hold Dana White’s umbrella. So he’s there to make Dana White laugh, and the guy’s a comedian. He’s a joke … No, it’s not very cool to ride a 50-year-old man on the floor, that’s not cool anymore these days.”

Covington also claimed that Serra’s video was ‘set-up’.

“Not only that, the video was set-up,” he said. “They wanna give Serra some hype before he goes in the Hall of Fame, ’cause no one cares about him anymore. So, definitely, that was a joke. Man, that’s cool, ‘Oh, let’s start our video camera. Let’s get this guy on the ground, and you can ride this 50-year-old man.’ That’s real cool — not.”

Check the video out for yourself: