Colby Covington Responds to Derrick Lewis: He’s a Fat Piece of Trash

Colby Covington
Image Credit: Getty Images/UFC

Colby Covington never remains silent for long.

During a recent interview, Derrick Lewis blasted Covington because he heard the American Top Team welterweight was talking trash about him. It didn’t take long for Covington to offer a response. “Chaos” takes issue with being called “preppy.”

During a recent appearance on BJ Penn Radio, Convington blasted “The Black Beast” and the rest of the UFC heavyweight division:

“Lewis is a fat piece of trash. Let’s be honest. He could barely even touch his toes. I’m overhearing he’s calling me preppy. Oh what, I’m preppy because I’m educated and I’m a handsome man with an eight pack. Come on, let’s be honest Jason. The heavyweight division is the weakest division in the UFC. Come on, Tim Silvia was heavyweight champ and he had two left feet.”

He continued, “They’re all betas. I’m an alpha. Derrick Lewis is a complete joke. Last time he came to American Top Team, he got left in a stretcher by Steve Mocco. So, Derrick Lewis should probably shut his mouth. He’s gonna make himself look real stupid.”

Fight fans, sound off in the comments section below. Are you tired of the Colby Covington trash talk, or is it a much needed shot in the arm for the UFC?