Conor McGregor Settles Lawsuit Over Phone Smashing Incident in Florida

Conor McGregor has avoided at least one lawsuit after allegedly smashing the cell phone of a person attempting to take his photo in Florida just recently

Conor McGregor Arrested
Conor McGregor Arrested

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has one less legal headache looming overhead after he settled a lawsuit filed after his arrest last month in Florida on charges of smashing the cell phone of someone attempting to take photo of him and then taking it with him.

On Monday, TMZ reported from court documents that the lawsuit filed by 22-year old Ahmed Abdirzak had been dropped, which likely means that the two parties reached a settlement agreement to avoid going to court.

Abdirzak filed the lawsuit almost immediately after McGregor was arrested and charged with strong-arm robbery and criminal mischief. The alleged victim claimed McGregor was guilty of ‘battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress’.

He was initially seeking more than $15,000 in the lawsuit.

The fact that it has now been dismissed means that McGregor likely paid out some kind of settlement to Abdirzak to close the lawsuit, although no terms have been disclosed at this time.

While the lawsuit is finished, McGregor still faces an upcoming court date later this week for his actions that initially led to his arrest.

McGregor faces up to six years in prison on felony robbery and misdemeanor criminal mischief, although it’s highly unlikely the former UFC two division champion ever sees the inside of a jail cell regarding this case.

Instead, McGregor’s lawyers will almost certainly reach some kind of plea agreement with prosecutors to lessen the charges, especially now that it appears he has already made restitution on the property damage for destroying the cell phone in the first place.