Conor McGregor to Khabib Nurmagomedov: ‘I Slaughter Your Pets, Wear Them As Coats’


UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor appears to be ready to get back into action.

McGregor took note of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s win – and subsequent comments he made – on social media over the past couple of days, taking aim at the unbeaten contender.

“Notorious” also stated “That Dagestani (Nurmagomedov) was dog shit the other night you’s are all nuts. Game full of sloppy bums asking to be slept. Pay me my worth and Kings back.”

It also seems as if McGregor is content with being the “super villain” of MMA, embracing the role:

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  1. This guy is gonna become a donkey fast enough mark my words. The UFC has protected him long enough by carefully handpicking his opponents. He’s 1-0 as a lightweight, and Alvarez as champ imo is equivalent to Bisping being champ at middleweight…belt holder who in reality doesn’t belong in top 5. All his bullsh*t trash talk is getting old, step up and fight the BEST out there or shut the f*ck up already. For the record Khabib would MURDER him, and I honestly think Ferguson would beat him too…which is exactly why he won’t fight them because through all the sh*t he talks, deep down he knows those styles don’t favor him. Trash talk is irrelevant if you can’t beat the people you’re talking it too…it just makes you a loudmouth Irish c*cksucker!

  2. He had his chance too be taken seriously but decided eating cake and getting out of shape is more important,f*ck the Pompomhead.Ferguson vs Conor is the fight that should happen.

  3. Who’s he beaten of note?? Dos Anjos was no real threat,Barboza was the only real threat,and thats it,the rest no name bums.

  4. RDA, Johnson and Barboza were all big names and in the top 10 at the time they faced off with Khabib and he slaughtered them by making it look easy.

    Tibau was another threat. Stuffed all of Khabib’s takedowns. Screwy decision by the judges though.

  5. RDA isn’t the fighter he once was,Johnson is a hit and a miss fighter,consistency he struggles with.Khabib is good no doubt about it,but hes not on the level of Conor or Tony.Yet.

  6. What do u mean RDA isn’t the fighter he once was? He shown he’s been better since losing to Khabib. Johnson was top 5 when he lost to Khabib. And how can you say Khabib isn’t on the level of Conor or Tony when he’s been the no.1 or 2 ranked lightweight the past 4 years. Nobody had an answer to his ground game other than Gleison Tibau.

  7. Loss to Ferguson,loss to Alvarez.Sure he beat Lawler but he hasnt been the same since losing the belt,cerrone has lost his way as well.I stand by that Khabib hasnt had a real tough test yet from Barboza,but until he beats either Tony or Conor you cant put him up there with the greats.

  8. The losses to Alvarez and Ferguson were towards the end of his 155 run when the weight cut became too much for him. You’re forgetting his 5 fight win streak before his back to back losses – his KO of Henderson, demolition of Diaz, mauling of Pettis and Cerrone.

    He wrecked Lawler’s leg for all 3 rounds and made Robbie look like a shell of himself. He absolutely wrecked Magny too. And now he’s pretty much next in line for a shot at the welterweight title. He’s 8-2 in his last 10 fights overall. I’d say that’s pretty damn good.

  9. No not forgetting,it is very impressive at such a young age.He is next in line for a title shot and fair enough,hoping Tony is next.Should be close.


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