Conor McGregor vs Manny Pacquiao: Bob Arum’s Huge Statement to Dana White


Pacquiao will have free reign to negotiate a fight with the UFC’s lightweight champion of the world, according to Bob Arum.

It is no secret that Dana White does not like Bob Arum, so negotiations regarding a fight between the Filipino legend and UFC’s prime superstar looked destined to never happen. In a recent interview with TMZ, Bob Arum [Pacquiao’s promoter] made a stunning admission which could see a potential fight between the boxer and the MMA star seem less than out of the question:

“If the only impediment to Manny fighting Conor McGregor is cos Dana White doesn’t like me, I won’t be around said legendary promoter Arum. I’ll give Manny the right, the permission to fight Conor McGregor anytime the money was right for Manny”

Arum believes that Pacquiao would make easy work of the Irishman, and claimed that any boxer would love to fight McGregor as they would “knock him out”.

Will this be music to Dana White’s ears?