Corey Anderson: ‘I Have No Interest In Fighting Anthony Smith’

Corey Anderson
Image Credit: Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Corey Anderson doesn’t even want to entertain possibly sharing the Octagon with Anthony Smith.

Anderson is coming off a first-round TKO victory over Johnny Walker, but it doesn’t appear he’ll be getting the next UFC light heavyweight title shot. Following UFC 244, UFC president Dana White told TMZ Sports that he’s looking at booking champion Jon Jones against Dominick Reyes next. “Bones” took to social media and shared White’s viewpoint.

Corey Anderson Dismisses Anthony Smith Fight

Smith took to his SiriusXM show and blasted Anderson for being “entitled.” He also said that “Overtime’s” best path to a title shot is by going through him. During an appearance on The Luke Thomas Show, Anderson fired back at Smith.

“I have no interest in fighting Anthony Smith. I called Anthony Smith out after I fought at 232 and he answered back like two minutes later and said, ‘no.’ So now it’s time he gotta wait.”

Anderson went on to say that Smith’s claim that he took the fights that he himself declined is exaggerated.

“He took one fight that I said no because my son was being born the day they wanted me to fight,” Anderson said. “And then when they tried to give me the next date I told them, ‘wait until my baby was born and I’ll give you an answer.’ And literally that day they texted me. They texted me on the seventh, my son was born on the eighth. My manager texted me on the seventh. I said, ‘I’m at the hospital now. When the birth is done I’ll call you back.’ The baby was born, I called him [and] said, ‘alright let’s take the fight.’ Everyone was on board. Gustafsson was on board. When we talked to Dana, Dana said, ‘we already signed up for Anthony Smith.’ I had no clue that Anthony Smith was even an option. So again, Anthony Smith’s just running off at the mouth trying to get some clout. He can do his thing. He’s on his side, I’m on my side.”