Cris Cyborg Says She’d Make Floyd Mayweather Tap


Cris Cyborg believes she knows exactly how a fight between her and Floyd Mayweather would go. Of all the possible match-ups awaiting Floyd should he actually enter the cage, this one is particularly interesting, albeit most likely impossible.

Not that the women’s featherweight champion is looking past UFC 222, however. Cyborg takes on Yana Kunitskaya on Saturday night in Las Vegas. She took the bout on short-notice to save the card after Max Holloway was forced to pull-out of his scheduled title fight with Frankie Edgar.

All the same, Cyborg recently took the time to explain how she would defeat Floyd if they were ever to fight.

Cris Cyborg vs. Floyd Mayweather

TMZ reporters recently caught up with Cyborg ahead of her fight this weekend. When asked what she thought about Floyd Mayweather possibly bringing his star-power to the UFC, Cyborg was all for it. She, like many others, feel Mayweather will simply be too inexperienced in grappling to be successful, however.

“You know I”m going to try my grappling for him,” Cyborg said when asked how she would approach a fight with Floyd. “The first thing I’m going to try: double-leg. I think it’d be great.”

Cyborg was upfront that her attempting to box Floyd would be a mistake.  “I think fighting Mayweather in boxing would be crazy but in MMA I’d take him down,” she stated.

Cyborg believes a fight between her and Floyd would end via her making him tap.

“I have to slip my head a lot and be fast to catch him.” – Cris Cyborg

Cris Cyborg vs Yana Kunitskaya

28-year-old Yana Kunitskaya will be the next to try her luck against Cyborg. The Russian featherweight trains out with Jackson-Wink and claims she is not intimidated by her much-heralded opponent at UFC 222.

Kunitskaya has come under the impression Cyborg doesn’t have true knockout power.

“I know that she’s strong, but I don’t think she has that strong of knockout power,” Kunitskaya said in an interview MMAJunkie. “She has no clean knockouts where girls go down, like Holly (Holm) have. But yes, she’s very tough. She finishes all the fights by technical knockout. I think I’m strong, too, strong enough to compare with her.”