Cyborg: Amanda Nunes is Lying about Injury

Cris Cyborg Amanda Nunes

As the MMA community waits to see how this Cris Cyborg/Amanda Nunes drama will play out and whether or not it will spill into the Octagon, Cyborg is not being as sedentary during this downtime. With Cyborg and Nunes being unable to come to terms on a date for the superfight, it is up to the UFC to decide how to proceed. This week, Cyborg has made it quite clear that she will not be waiting with bated breath, as many of her fans are, to see whether her bout with Nunes will be made official Instead, she is already going on the offensive on Nunes long before a prospective bell.

First, Cyborg was relatively diplomatic about the situation. Stating that if Amanda Nunes is injured, that doesn’t mean she should sit out 10 months of her prime before fighting again. Thursday, however, Cyborg began doing what she does best: throwing heavy shots, claiming that Amanda Nunes is a liar and that the bantamweight champion is not injured at all. Taking to Instagram, she wrote:

“Amanda Nunes is lying about her injury. The UFC (HUNTER CAMPBELL) just informed my manager she is medically cleared! I’m ready to fight now, I’m not injured and I am healthy and training!

“The UFC is leaving me without a fight as punishment for something that feels personal. They gave Holly Holm a fight against Megan Anderson, the only other opponent in my weight class so I would be forced to sit. They are now refusing to sign Ediane Gomes, Cindy Dandois, or Pam Sorenson instead making me sit out one year of my prime.

“I sell PPV’s and my fans like my fights. The UFC is forcing me to lose a year of my prime sitting on the sidelines to face an opponent already cleared to fight now!

“Cyborg Nation let the UFC know you want me to fight this summer!”

Amanda Nunes has stated that she is currently nursing a foot injury that will leave her sidelined until December. And with Cyborg claiming that Nunes is cleared, Nunes may decide to return fire on social media, or perhaps she will continue waiting patiently for the opportunity to do so in the Octagon.

What do you think about Cris Cyborg’s allegation that Amanda Nunes is lying about her injury?