Cynthia Calvillo to Mackenzie Dern: “Just Move Up”

Cynthia Calvillo
Image Credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Cynthia Calvillo is open to becoming a two-division champion at some point in her UFC career. But as long as she is competing in the strawweight division, she intends on continuing to hit the 115 mark consistently. In the case of Mackenzie Dern, Calvillo questions Dern’s professionalism and also wonders why the fix that is starring everyone in the face, moving up a weight class, doesn’t seem to be something Dern is open to:

“I thought it was pretty unprofessional,” Calvillo told Karyn Bryant in an interview last week. “She’s had seven fights. And out of those seven fights, she’s only made weight three times, which is freakin’ crazy…very, very unprofessional, I feel like.

“Just move up. Like, what’s the deal? Why do you need to fight at 116? And I hope that she fixes it. And if the UFC can help her out and she does what she needs to do, good on her. But I hope she doesn’t miss weight again.”

Calvillo even went as far as to state that the only way she would fight Dern is with special stipulations, including the provision that if Dern is not willing to move up on her own, she would make the move a requirement if a fight between them would take place if it still has not been sufficiently proven that Dern can make weight:

“If they tell me to fight her, please prove to me that she can make this weight again, or otherwise I’ll fight her at 125. I have no problem doing that.”

125 is a division that Calvillo is looking ahead to someday, but not before she is done conquering the strawweight division:

“I feel like I’m going to stay in the strawweight division. I definitely want to fight everybody, and I want to get that belt. And I want to move up and be a two-time division champ. I want to break records, and I want to build my legacy.”

Cynthia Calvillo will not be eligible to compete again until October following her USADA suspension after testing positive for a marijuana metabolite. Her last bout was at UFC 219, where she suffered a unanimous decision defeat to Carla Esparza.

Do you agree with Cynthia Calvillo? Should Mackenzie Dern move up a weight class?