Dan Hardy Issues An Apology To Johnny Walker For Taunting Claim

Dan Hardy
Image Credit: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Dan Hardy has come clean on his claim that Johnny Walker taunted Corey Anderson before their UFC 244 clash.

Walker and Anderson did battle this past Saturday night (Nov. 2). The light heavyweight clash served as the featured preliminary bout on the UFC 244 card. Anderson scored a TKO victory over Walker in the opening frame.

Hardy Issues Apology To Walker

Speaking to BT Sport, Hardy claimed that Walker was backstage at UFC 244 taunting Anderson for five to ten minutes. Walker denied this in an Instagram post.

“Hey @danhardymma, get your facts checked before saying stuff that is not true. I did not taunt Corey Anderson at all in the backstage before the fight and would NEVER do such thing. I know that moments like those, specially before the fight, are for focus and concentration. I really expected that a guy like you, who has been a fighter for many years, would ask me if this is true instead of just talking shit about me and painting a picture of me of a person that I am not. @coreya_mma @ricardoalmeidabjj you can come here confirm to Dan and the whole world how we were quiet and focused while waiting for our battle. Congrats and I will be cheering for you in the future.”

Hardy’s initial response made it seem like he was hesitant to offer an apology, but “The Outlaw” has decided to issue a new apology to Walker on Twitter.

“To Johnny Walker, and anyone else that was upset with the comments I made regarding the taunting backstage… After seeing the tension between the two fighters before they walked out, the reaction from Corey after the fight. As well as a conversation with members of the corner team, it was my understanding that mind games had been played. If I am incorrect then I apologize.

“I didn’t say it as a negative characteristic of Johnny’s, but a part of the game, and the story around the fight. Those of you that remember me as a fighter will know that I loved a bit of trash-talking. In the unique atmosphere backstage, there was ample opportunity for fighters to interact before walking out.

“I was under the impression that something had taken place. It wasn’t my intention to pass on incorrect information. I’m sure Johnny isn’t the kind of fighter to taunt his opponents and apologize for giving you that impression.”