Dana White Loses his Cool with ‘Dirty’ Colin Cowherd [VIDEO]


UFC president Dana White launched an expletive-laden rant against Colin Cowherd and what he believes are ‘dirty tactics’ being played as the promotion negotiates a new TV deal

White hit out in response to comments allegedly made by  FOX host Colin Cowherd prior to UFC 217.

Cowherd reportedly claimed that White appeared to look as though he wished he had exited out of the mixed martial arts business along with childhood friends and former UFC owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta. The Fertitta brothers sold the promotion for a sum believed to be more than $4 billion in 2016.

White clearly did not take kindly to the alleged comments made by Cowherd:

“I saw [Colin] Cowherd comes out and says that I’m burnt out and I want to be on a sailboat with the Fertitta’s and all this (expletive). (Expletive) you, Colin Cowherd,” White shouted during a media scrum in New York via TSN. “You know nothing about me or this business, so keep your (expletive) yap shut.”

White also claimed that Cowherd’s comments have something to do with the UFC entering the final year its current deal with FOX. The promotion could negotiate a deal elsewhere which may make the UFC a target of ‘dirty tactics’ according to White:

“I’m not going after anybody, but for Cowherd to come out and say the (expletive) that he said, especially for a guy for a long time who has been one of our biggest fans. Now our deal is up with FOX and Cowherd’s talking (expletive) about stuff he has no (expletive) clue what he’s talking about,” White said.

“It’s 100-percent what’s going on. It’s dirty (expletive) business tactics and Cowherd is a guy, I’ve been on his show many times and I’ve known him for a long time, and it’s (expletive) dirty. (Expletive) you.”

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