Dana White Says Michael Bisping Didn’t Fool Doctors With Fake Eye

Michael Bisping Dana White
Image Credit: Vaughn Ridley/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

UFC president Dana White says Michael Bisping didn’t pull a fast one on doctors with his prosthetic eye.

Bisping turned heads during an edition of his Believe You Me podcast when he pulled out his fake eye. The UFC Hall of Famer told Joe Rogan back in late 2018 that he had a prosthetic eye, but this is the first time anyone had seen Bisping pop it out publicly.

Dana White Discusses Michael Bisping’s Prosthetic Eye

Speaking to TMZ Sports, White talked about Bisping being able to pass his medicals despite having just one good eye.

“[Laughs]. Yeah, I think he did. He cleared medicals and he had that surgery and had that problem with his eye. You would never know it. The guy, aside from popping his eyeball out of his head, you would never know that Michael Bisping has an issue. Before he got the surgery, his eye used to point inward.”

When asked if he knows when Bisping got the prosthetic eye, White didn’t have an answer.

“I have no clue, I don’t know.”

One thing White did have an answer for was whether or not Bisping was able to pull a fast one on the doctors with his fake eye.

“No you aren’t duping the doctors. I mean the doctors are looking into your eyes. Listen, I would hope the doctors realize the difference between an eyeball and a fake eyeball.”