Dana White: Stipe Feels Disrespected Every Time I Turn Around

Stipe Miocic

What’s that you say? Stipe Miocic feels disrespected? Dana White has heard this story before.

With Brock Lesnar announced to face Daniel Cormier for the UFC heavyweight championship, that has left the record-breaking Miocic temporarily out of the picture. Miocic has not been shy about requesting a rematch with Cormier. And though a rematch did not seem possible with Cormier’s hard deadline of retiring at 40 following his fight with Brock Lesnar, he has begun to open the door to facing Miocic if Lesnar cannot make it to their bout for whatever reason. This has done nothing to placate Miocic, who yet again feels disrespected by the promotion.

“Stipe always feels like we’re disrespecting him, which we’re not,” White said on UFC Unfiltered on Tuesday. “We have a lot of respect for Stipe. I think he feels like it took him a very long time to get his very first title shot, and he felt longer than it should have. And then once he got it…I mean, it’s just, every time I turn around, he feels disrespected. He’s anything but disrespected. Complete opposite.”

While on the surface, passing up the record holder for most consecutive heavyweight title defenses for a test-failing, WWEing, last-win-eight-years-agoing Brock Lesnar may seep of disrespect to the untrained eye, White explains that Lesnar presented an opportunity to whoever came out of the UFC 226 title fight victorious, and it just so happened to not be Miocic:

“Obviously, you saw that we set up the fight with Cormier to fight Brock, and that would have been Stipe had Stipe won the fight. It’s no disrespect to Stipe. It was just something that was in place before that fight even happened.”

Do you believe the UFC is disrespecting Stipe Miocic?