Dana White Explains Why UFC PPV Deal With ESPN+ Makes Sense

Dana White confirms
Fernando Quiles Jr., MMA News

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White plans to put the doubts to rest on the new pay-per-view deal with ESPN+.

Yesterday, it was announced that ESPN+ is now the exclusive provider for UFC PPVs. That means that if you want to purchase a UFC PPV in the United States, you’ll have to do so through ESPN+. The change begins with UFC 236 on April 13.

Dana White Talks UFC PPV Deal With ESPN+

MMAJunkie.com was able to speak with White following the announcement. The UFC boss said that once the ball gets rolling, fans will see how beneficial the deal is:

“This was the right move at the right time. ESPN has been an incredible partner in just a short amount of time. Everything works together. We’re both aligned with our goals and what we want to do, so it’s going to be so much better for the fans. Obviously in the beginning change is weird, everybody hates change, but once we get dialed in, it’s going to be amazing.”

White also said that he’s been proving doubters wrong for 20 years and questions why there are still naysayers out there. The UFC will still sell their PPVs commercially, so bar goers have nothing to fear.

Do you think the UFC PPV deal with ESPN+ will pay off?