Daniel Cormier: ‘It Takes a Lot of Drugs’ To Think Like Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier reacts to Jon Jones' latest social media post talking about a potential third fight between the two of them.

Jon Jones Daniel Cormier
Image Credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Daniel Cormier has given up trying to figure out what goes on inside Jon Jones’ head.

Jones is arguably the greatest fighter to ever step inside the UFC Octagon but he’s also self-sabotaged his own career more times than almost anybody in history with a string of legal entanglements including a hit-and-run car accident and now he’s suspended after testing positive for steroids following his last fight against Cormier in 2017.

Jones has vehemently denied any wrongdoing but he might still face a four year suspension after he previously tested positive for a different banned substance in 2016 that earned him a one year sanction from USADA.

While there’s still no word on how long Jones will be sidelined following this latest doping policy infraction, Cormier would never back down from the chance to face his greatest foe after falling to him on two previous occasions.

When Cormier mentioned that during a recent interview, it earned him a response from Jones on social media when the former light heavyweight champion said ‘come get me baby’ when seeing a possible third fight being proposed.

Considering everything facing Jones right now outside the cage, Cormier couldn’t even begin to fathom or delve into why he even bothered to respond to the mention of a third fight between them.

In fact, Cormier says he’s long since given up on trying to figure out what goes on inside Jones’ head.

“To try and delve into the mind of Jon Jones, you can’t do it without some help,” Cormier told the UFC Unfiltered podcast. “It takes a lot of drugs to think like him so once you go on a crazy high, then you’ll think like him. You can’t think like him just normally.”

Cormier’s dig at Jones comes after his latest suspension for using a banned substance but despite the slight against his former opponent, the reigning light heavyweight champion still refuses to acknowledge their last fight as anything but a loss.

Jones knocked out Cormier last July before his positive drug test forced the California State Athletic Commission to overturn his victory into a no contest.

Despite Jones testing positive for a performance enhancing drug, Cormier won’t make any excuses for his loss to him last year nor will he gloss over what happened by throwing out accusations just for the sake of taking a shot at his longtime rival.

The way Cormier sees it is he should have beaten Jones whether he was on something or not and that didn’t happen.

“I just don’t feel that was the first guy I ever fought on steroids and I beat all the rest of them,” Cormier said. “I should have just beat him.”

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