Daniel Cormier Reveals Main Reason He Annoys Stipe Miocic

Stipe Miocic Daniel Cormier
Stipe Miocic & Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier will throw down with Stipe Miocic in a pivotal rematch at this weekend’s (Sat., August 17, 2019) UFC 241 from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

The two famously fought once before at July 2018’s UFC 229, where “DC” emerged victorious in shocking fashion. After an exciting, back-and-forth first round, Cormier was able to land a massive shot in close to knock out previously dominant champion Miocic. In doing so, he became a two-division champ and one of the greatest MMA fighters of all-time.

Most thought Cormier was headed for a collision with Brock Lesnar after the former UFC champ/WWE Superstar stepped into the Octagon and shoved “DC.” However, Lesnar retired earlier this year, leaving the door open for Miocic to get his coveted rematch. The Cleveland, Ohio-based firefighter has been out of action since he lost the belt. He’s hellbent on avenging his loss to Cormier. Obviously, Miocic doesn’t like the current champ because he took his belt, yet it goes beyond that.

Cormier Annoys Stipe Miocic

Cormier revealed on today’s episode of ‘Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show’ that he annoys Miocic. And he has dating back to their days as opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF). Miocic remains respectful. Overall, the calmer Miocic just doesn’t like Cormier’s loud, fun-loving style:

“I think I annoy Stipe Miocic. I think I annoyed Stipe Miocic after The Ultimate Fighter the first time, I mean, I think he’s a respectful guy, so he shakes my hand and he says the right things. But I think at his core, he’s like, ‘I can’t stand this dude.’

“We’re just too different, you know? We’re so different from each other and I’m loud and I’m boisterous and I mess around all the time. I’m always cracking jokes and my group of friends is really loud and a bit obnoxious at times. It’s not his style.”

Had The Wrong Idea?

Cormier noted that Miocic may have had a much different pre-conceived notion of just who “DC” was. When he actually spent time alongside him, he found out the real story. He didn’t like what he saw according to Cormier:

“Going into The Ultimate Fighter the first time, I think his idea of me might have been different than it was because we spent so much time together. You can have an idea of who someone is, and then when you’re wrong you’re like, ‘Oh man, I really don’t like this guy.’ My idea of Stipe didn’t change. But I’m sure, after the show, his idea of me changed quite a bit.”

Miocic Not The Only One Annoyed

The top-ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC (and No. 1 light heavyweight) acknowledged that he does get on Miocic’s nerves. He doesn’t care, however, as they’re going to fight. After that, they can go back to living their respective lives. Plus, it’s not like there aren’t things Cormier despises about how Miocic has carried himself the past year:

“I do get on his nerves, but whatever, I don’t care. Reality is, we have to fight. Once we’re done fighting we don’t have to be friends. You know, he’s got a great family, he’s got a life. He can go live his, I can go live mine. I respect all that he does for his community, but there are some things about him that annoy me too.”

Should Have Fought Again

Immediately asked just what those things were, Cormier responded he didn’t like Miocic’s inactivity. He felt it was a bit entitled for the former champion to sit out all of the last year while acting like he deserved a rematch. It worked, and they’ll finally fight again. But the champ doesn’t like it, nor is he upset that Miocic dislikes him:

“Him sitting out this whole time. Just kinda being a little bit, I feel like he acted a little bit like a brat, like, ‘I should get a rematch.’ I just thought he should have fought again. Kind of rubbed me the wrong way. But you know? It worked. Now he gets the chance to fight for the title again. So, yeah, there are things that we both dislike about each other. But at the end of the day, I’m not losing no sleep over Stipe Miocic not liking me.”

One of the UFC’s most important rivalries will carry out its next chapter when Cormier and Miocic meet once again this weekend. It could potentially be Cormier’s last fight in MMA, as he’s hinted he’d need something ridiculously huge to return. If he did decide to retire, he’d be one of the greatest of all-time regardless of if he wins or loses in Anaheim. Of course, there’s always a massive trilogy fight that awaits the MMA legend, however.

Will Cormier’s rivalry with Stipe Miocic be his last in the UFC?